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French fracking giant Total Energies and other companies are aggressively applying for new drilling permits throughout Tarrant County. This is despite an already high concentration of drilling in the county, which has childhood asthma rates well above the national average, and despite strong community opposition in Arlington.


TotalEnergies' affiliate TEP Barnett has received permits from the Railroad Commission to drill and frack 21 methane gas wells at 3 sites in Arlington. City staff have already approved 11 new wells at the Bruder Drill Site, located at 3701 W Interstate 20 Hwy and are currently drilling six at the Truman site at 310 N. Collins Street in Arlington. The wells were approved administratively without a public hearing and without notifying neighbors.


As of early October 2022, we do not have the city's timeline for approving permits at the Fulson site.

What's happening now?

Current drilling activities are posted on the City of Arlington's website. This includes workover rigs at existing sites.

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 9.27.25 PM.png


Permit applications to drill in the City of Arlington and Tarrant County filed with the Texas Railroad Commission


 The map below shows drill sites where fracking companies have applied to the Texas Railroad Commission for permits to drill new gas wells in Arlington and in Tarrant County in 2022. New gas well permit sites are red and orange diamonds surrounded by 600 ft and 1/2 mile circles.

The map includes the locations of all existing gas wells, as well as schools, day cares, and hospitals, and shows air quality data from air monitors located in Arlington. You can also select to view demographic, economic, and racial and ethnic data for neighborhoods surrounding drill sites.

Map created by FracTracker Alliance

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