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Recent media 

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August 2021

Fort Worth Star Telegram: Arlington voted down natural gas drilling expansion last year. The battle isn't over. 

"Earlier this month, Total’s Fort Worth division, TEP Barnett, filed a permit application that would allow the company to drill more gas wells at 2000 South Watson Road — the same 6.7-acre property at the center of last June’s controversy."

Read the article here

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July 2021

Physicians for Social Responsibility: Fracking with "Forever" Chemicals

"Evidence suggests that oil and gas companies including ExxonMobil and Chevron have used per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), or substances that can degrade into PFAS, in hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for oil and gas in more than 1,200 wells in six U.S. states between 2012 and 2020. The lack of full disclosure of chemicals used in oil and gas operations raises the potential that PFAS could have been used even more extensively than records indicate, both geographically and in other stages of the oil and gas extraction process, such as drilling, that precede the underground injections known as fracking."

Read the rest of the report here

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July 2021 

Think with Krys Boyd: Texas Cities Can’t Keep Frackers Out

"Elizabeth Shogren, climate change reporter, joins us to discuss the tens of thousands of school-age children who are within half a mile of active wells and why city officials are pushing back against laws that prioritize drilling permits."

Listen here. (~24 mins) 

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June 2021

Reveal: Life in the Drill Zone

How did hundreds of gas wells arrive in our backyards and next door to our preschools and day cares? And why can't we still keep a gas well at least 300 feet from a preschool boundary? Journalist Elizabeth Shogren explores these questions in the most comprehensive piece written about Arlington and fracking to date. Also published in Mother Jones and Texas Monthly


Read the article here.

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June 2021

Reveal: Emission Control (podcast) 

Investigative podcast and radio show, Reveal, takes a deep look at Arlington in this episode from June 12, 2021. Beginning at about 20 minutes in, you can hear the story of drilling in Arlington and how it impacts our community. Liveable is a key feature of the reporting.

Listen here.


June 2021 

The Texas Standard: In Arlington, The Shale Boom Has Brought Residents Closer Than Ever Before To Gas Drilling

Texas Standard host, David Brown, interviews Elizabeth Shogren of Reveal, about what made her to decide to focus on Arlington in her recent fracking expose.


Listen here. (8 mins) 

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June 2021

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Thousands of Arlington's schoolchildren are exposed to fracking fumes, report warns


Journalist Haley Samsel provides a thorough summary of Reveal's findings for readers of the Star-Telegram.


Read the article here.

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April 2021

+130 Environmental, Public Health, Advocacy Organizations Urge Biden Admin to Leverage Full Power of the Clean Air Act to Cut Methane Pollution from the Oil and Gas Industry

Liveable Arlington joined 134 organizations in urging the Biden administration to to direct the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to use the full power of sections 111(b) and 111(d) of the Clean Air Act to reduce methane air pollution from new and existing sources of oil and gas development by 65% by 2025.

See the Earthworks press release

March 2021

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Arlington Gas Ordinance Revised 

"Under the new amended ordinance, operators in Arlington will be required to measure 600 feet between either the daycare building or the area designated for a playground. Whichever is closest to the drilling zone will be used as the boundary line, according to the amendment."

View the Star Telegram's write-up here

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March 2021

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: New data on DFW's biggest polluters released​ by Paul Quinn College

"Ranjana Bhandari, the executive director of environmental advocacy group Liveable Arlington, said she was unsurprised to see three compressor stations ranked in the top 10 polluters in Tarrant County. The industrial facilities maintain the flow and pressure of natural gas as they remove gas from the pipeline, re-pressurize it and send it back into the pipeline, according to environmental research group Earthworks."

View the Star Telegram's write-up here

February 2021

Arlington residents  report being woken up loud jet engine like sounds during the Texas freeze

We learn that a pipeline blowdown near the Handley Generating Station has released 30 tons of VOCs in the air in just 2.5 hours.

November 2020

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Liveable vigilance leads to drill site shut down ​

Community watchdog Liveable Arlington caught Total using an illegal diesel rig to drill next to an Arlington preschool. Our report to the city's gas well department lead to a shutdown order at the Rocking Horse site.

View the Star Telegram's write-up here

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June 2020

Environmental justice campaign stops new gas wells

Liveable organized with faith groups, local leaders, and residents to form a multi-racial coalition to stop the permitting of new gas wells at AC360 in SE Arlington. The campaign received wide national coverage.

View PRI's Living on Earth coverage here

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