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A year after Arlington City Council rejected their attempt to frack near an Arlington daycare center and several homes, French fracking company Total is once again applying for a permit from the city to drill for methane gas at the same AC 360 site.

We can’t risk exposing children in our community to more toxic pollutants. When we mobilized against Total’s efforts to drill near toddlers last year, the Mayor and City Council made the right decision to reject the permit in a 6-3 vote.

They recognized the public health risks and that the drilling would disproportionately harm young children and community members of color in Arlington. Our elected officials know fracking is bad for the community - as one city council member told the news outlet Reveal, “As a council, we are aware that fracking is not a desirable activity any longer in a city.”


City Approval and Hearing Process

Phase 1:  Review by the Planning and Zoning Commission
Wednesday, October 20 , 5:30 PM, City Council Chamber

On October 20, the Planning and Zoning Commission will review the request, hear public comment, and make a recommendation to City Council. 

Phase 2:  Public Hearing and final vote by City Council and Mayor 
Tuesday, November 30 , 6:30 PM, City Council Chamber

On November 30, city council and Mayor Ross will hold a public hearing on the drilling permit and hold a final vote. 

Attending and providing public comment at these meetings as well as expressing your concerns in writing or over the phone to your councilperson and the mayor, are key ways you can take action.

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