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Deadline: Friday, May 20, 2023

The EPA recently issued an updated draft rule to cut methane and other harmful emissions from new and existing oil and gas operations. The proposed rule builds on the draft released in 2021 and incorporates community feedback, an important step toward further safeguarding public health and addressing the emissions that affect climate change.

These rules matter for Arlington and Tarrant County because a million of us live less than half a mile from frack sites, and are constantly exposed to toxic pollution and resulting health issues.

More than 5 million Texans, and 17 million Americans, are similarly exposed.

You can help make the rule even stronger.


Express your support for the incorporation of feedback during the last comment cycle and push the EPA to go further with a few more regulatory provisions. Review our action toolkit, write your comment letter, and send your letter to the EPA using the links above. 

The supplemental rule builds on proposals from the 2021 original draft and has been strengthened to:


  • Require routine inspection at all wells with equipment known to malfunction, using gas imaging cameras. This includes low-producing wells, which are responsible for half of all methane emissions nationwide.

  • Ensure monitoring at every well site, both new and existing, until wells are properly closed with all equipment removed.  Operators would submit well closure plans and proof of financial assurance.

  • Require the continuous monitoring of flares to prevent the wasteful venting of gas and becoming “super-emitter” sources of methane and pollutants.

  • Maintain the requirements for zero-emitting pneumatic equipment for both controllers and pumps.

  • Require states to develop a methane reduction plan engaging the public and all relevant stakeholders.

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