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Who is Total?

TotalEnergies, based in France and pronounced like this, is the world's fourth largest oil and gas company. They own TEEP Barnett which operates a majority of fracking sites in Arlington. 

Ironically, they are not allowed to drill in their home country as France has banned fracking

You can see a list of all Arlington fracking sites owned and operated by Total here

A resident living near French energy conglomerate Total Energies' Home Run drilling site in Fort Worth, Texas, describes a serious fracking accident that happened in May 2022 and impacts on neighborhood.

car covered in chemicals

In May 2022, an incident at Total's Home Run drill site in west Fort Worth caused property damage, damaged lawns and trees, and created noxious smells when it sprayed cars, homes, and lawns with toxic chemicals. The incident damaged several cars parked in the vicinity. Read more.

Residents living near Total's Mt. Tabor drill site in East Fort Worth have experienced damage to their homes' foundations, loud noises at all hours disrupting sleep, and a recent incident where the drill site released black smoke and toxic fumes. Read more.

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 9.05.44 PM.png

Below, we offer just a small snapshot of news coverage and local stories told by those living near drilling. 

Many neighbors of the Rocking Horse site on Redwater Drive have also shared concerns with us about serious foundation damage, homes shaking, windows rattling, the inability to sleep because of the noise, cracks in walls, mosquitos, smells, and more.

Here is what Arlington residents reported in a recent AP story:


"After the drilling started a decade ago at the site, a few hundred feet behind their house, they noticed cracks in their foundation and across their backyard patio. They now receive royalty checks for $15 or $20 a few times a year. That money wouldn’t make a dent in the cost of repairing the cracks in their foundation."

Total was cited for two violations of the city's drilling ordinance at Rocking Horse

1. Total was cited for a noise violation in January 2021

2. Total used an illegal, polluting diesel rig next to an Arlington daycare in November 2020, causing the city to temporarily shutdown the drill site. 

Learn more about hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking.

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