Drilling is currently underway at the Rocking Horse well site at 4945 S Collins St., Arlington, TX 76012. Total has permits for seven wells. 



Drilling and fracking is a multi-step process: each step involves different machinery, processes, chemicals, harmful emissions, and possible catastrophic risks. 

Our drill site checklist provides a comprehensive list of questions that should be addressed by drilling operators within a neighborhood/community before drilling and fracking operations occur.

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"When the water used for hydraulic fracturing returns to the surface as “flowback” it is contaminated with fracking chemicals and impurities from the formation." Read more in this Earthworks analysis.

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Earthworks breaks down the process of fracking, covering the following topics: water use, sand and proppants, toxic chemicals, health concerns, surface water and soil contamination, groundwater contamination, air quality, waste disposal, and chemical disclosure. ​

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This page from FracTracker Alliance offers a concise overview of drilling and concludes with a treasure trove of hyperlinks at the bottom leading to many other excellent resources. 


A 2018 study determined that setback distances from oil and gas development should be greater 0.25 miles (1,320 feet) from human activity with greater distances for vulnerable populations. 

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FracTracker Alliance has created a visual journey, complete with easy-to-follow explanations, of the fracking process–all the way from site prep to waste disposal. 

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Published in December 2020, this is the go-to resource for a summary of all the major findings on fracking. The compendium is fully-referenced and written in accessible language. 

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Recorded webinar of Dr. Anne C. Epstein's thorough, easy-to-understand unwinding of the many layers of health risk associated with hydraulic fracturing.