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Arlington calls a Special Council Meeting to permit fracking next to toddlers

In an unprecedented move, the city of Arlington has called for a special council meeting for January 4, 2022.

There is just 1 item on the agenda - granting gas well permits to French conglomerate Total to frack next to a preschool at the AC360 site. All the children attending the preschool are black and Latino.

This permit was denied in June of last year by the last council.

This is what is at stake. Please view interviews by Associated Press reporters with families of impacted residents.

Total incurred two major violations while fracking at Rocking Horse (next to two daycare centers) in the last year. No one could remember this at the last hearing. They also caused such overpowering emissions this month at the AC360 site (on December 14 and again on December 21), that daycare staff in the playground got sick. There is video of both incidents, and journalists who were there can corroborate the events.

When Arlington wants to permit fracking next to toddlers, they try to do it when they hope no one is watching.

But Liveable Arlington is watching, and standing with the impacted families trying to keep their children safe.

Here is our Facebook event page with information about the hearing. Our Statement of Opposition lists the reasons why this is a terrible idea, and why the last council denied this permit.

Join us on January 4 to speak up to protect Arlington children. Our Action Toolkit tells

you to how to voice your opposition.

Until then, we wish you a healthy and happy New Year.

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