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Drilling Alert: Total Wants to Drill 27 New Gas Wells in Arlington

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Since their attempt to frack next to an Arlington preschool was denied in January, French fracking giant Total is aggressively pursuing new drilling in our community.

Total has applied to drill 27 new gas wells in Arlington so far this year.

See the full list of new gas well applications

Total filed the first application with the Texas Railroad Commission the day after Arlington City Council voted to stop them from drilling new wells next to the preschool.

Here are where the gas wells would be located:

Truman Drill Site

12 of the new gas wells would be at Total’s Truman site south of Cowboys Stadium near where Collins St and Division St intersect.

Truman is in Council Member Helen Moise’s District 1. CM Moise is long-time advocate of urban drilling here and voted in favor of Total's plan to drill new gas wells next to Mother's Heart preschool in January.

Bruder Drill Site

Another 11 gas wells would be located at Total’s Bruder site in Southeast Arlington off Park Springs Rd and the I-20 Frontage Rd.

Bruder is in District 4, represented by Council Member Andrew Piel. CM Piel has long supported fracking in Arlington, and he too voted for Total's last permit.

Fulson Drill Site

The final 4 wells are planned for Total’s Fulson site. The site is located in City Council District 3 represented by Nikkie Hunter. Fortunately, Council Member Hunter voted against Total's last gas well permit

On top of their plans to frack more in Arlington, Total has applied to drill 1 new gas well in Fort Worth and 2 in White Settlement, west of Fort Worth.

All together, Total asked for approval from the Railroad Commission for 17 new gas wells in Tarrant County.

Stay tuned - If and when these come before Arlington City Council, we'll update our website with information on how to take action to stop them.

We will also continue to update our list of new gas well permit applications as they come in. See our permit tracker, linked below, for regular updates.

See the full list of new gas well permit applications

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