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How NOT to promote peace and democracy: Total Energies staying in Russia during Ukraine invasion

Total, the French company that likes to frack next to preschools and daycares in North Texas, has announced that they will not be pulling out of their Russian investments as the country continues its barbaric invasion of Ukraine.

Total is continuing operations in Russia despite other major fossil fuel companies, including BP and Shell, exiting their investments in Russian oil & gas operations because of Russia’s violent invasion of Ukraine.

Total owns just under 20% of Russia’s largest natural gas producer, Novatek, and nearly a quarter of Total’s reserves are in Russia. In 2021, Total generated $1.5 billion in revenue from Russia.

As Total has shown us in North Texas, it’s driving interest is in drilling more fossil fuels and profiting from them regardless of the negative impacts on health, environment, and now, human life and democracy.

The sovereignty of a democratically elected country takes a backseat to Total’s interests in producing more methane gas. While millions flee for safety from the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine, Total Energies has decided to stay in Russia for now.

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