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“Flowback” to where you came from, 10.4.21

French oil and gas conglomerate Total is continuing fracking operations at the Rocking Horse drill site, located at 4945 S Collins, Arlington, TX 76014 next to two Arlington preschools, many homes, and several medical offices.

At the drill site, Total has so far drilled and fracked 7 gas wells. The city of Arlington approved the drilling permit without a public hearing process.

We have now learned that a process called flowback is happening there. Flowback involves returning the fluid used to frack the well back to the surface. The fracking fluid can contain cancer-causing chemicals such as benzene, heavy metals, and chromium. According to the city the volume is 250bbls/hr, 6000 bbls/day. (1 bbls equals 42 gallons)

Here is a more detailed explanation of flowback and its associated risks;

“Flowback refers to fluids that return from the well bore and are collected on the surface after hydraulic fracturing. In addition to the mixture originally injected, returning process fluids can contain a number of naturally occurring materials originating from within the earth, including hydrocarbons such as benzene.”

“The exact formulas for fracking fluids are closely guarded company secrets, but can include cancer-causing chemicals such as benzene and chromium, heavy metals and dozens of petroleum-derived compounds. An analysis of fracking chemicals known to be used in Colorado found no fewer than 65 substances that are listed as hazardous under federal law. Because the oil and gas industry in 2005 got Congress to exempt fracking fluids from the Safe Drinking Water Act – a loophole opened after lobbying by Houston-based Halliburton – oil and gas is the nation’s only industry allowed to inject hazardous substances unchecked directly into, or directly adjacent to, underground drinking water sources”.

Many residents living next to the Rocking Horse site have also experienced severe property damage. We have heard reports of shifting foundations, damaged foundations, houses shaking, cracks in walls, and more.

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